Grow your business with 10-50 times more results when marketing in group.

This is Sergio Musetti, Notary Signing Agent in Sonoma County, California. Were are a group of professionals that want to succeed, grow, increase our contact list and ranking in Google and other search engines.

It is free,
But there is a catch...
Join our group
only if
1 you want to grow or promote Yourself or your business and
2 you market your  business on a weekly basis(5-10 minutes a day).

Goal: When we work as a group promoting our local business we are helping everybody else in GNAG through our system. Meaning if you post in a blog, board, website, classified, etc,  the results will be 10-50 times larger since all the notaries are also promoting your websites/links.

As the Mastermind group, the synergy of scales will help us individually much more than if we do it individually.

When someone does a Google search for "Your town" or "Your County" and "notary/professional", you should be in the first page of Google or other search engines. We do it through techniques of search engine optimization.

IMPORTANT: Please complete your Google or Yahoo profile, or send us your business information, and links before registration if you want us to publish your information in our net of websites.

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Sergio Musetti  Italian/Spanish
Certified Notary Signing Agent
GAG Moderator  Income Opportunity
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